Ideal Gardener's Wardrobe Part 1

A gardener's wardrobe is a tricky affair.  It needs to be versatile, comfortable, and durable.  As this has been my first season as an employed gardener I've been discovering what makes up my ideal gardening wardrobe, or at least one that suits me just fine.  I've made some wonderful discoveries!  I wanted to cover this all in one post, but seeing as how I have been so busy these days I'll spread them out.  

First off - I've discovered some great gardening trousers!  These grey trousers are perfect for any kind of weather!  They are by Prana.  

The material is great because it is comfortable, flexible, but strong.  They dry very quickly when wet and have six deep pockets, four of which have snaps which make it easy to get in and out of them.  They also zip off at the knees giving me long shorts in the summer, or just great ventilation if I just zip them half way.  During the colder days I just slip a pair of thermals underneath and am perfectly warm!  If you haven't tried the Prana brand it's worth the investment!  (My gardening capris are also Pranas.)   I have worn them almost daily at work and the fabric wears wonderfully!  No sign of holes, tears, splitting seams, nothing.  


Joanne said...

So where can you buy them?? Do they make them for men too? My husband needs something more durable than his jeans that are constantly getting holes!

Sybil said...

But do they look as good on wider bodies?

Red Clover said...

I believe they make them for men! I buy them at REI. They are more expensive ($70) but well worth it! They look fantastic on any body!!!

Ro Ro Riot said...

Ooo. My friend uses these pants to hike all over mountains all over the world. She loves them for that purpose as well.

Sally said...

How did you discover them?

ksr said...

very nice. I would destroy them... because I am very hard on my clothes, but I like the fact that they zip off into shorts. kewl.

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