Ideal Gardener's Wardrobe Part II

I do realize that for the past two months I've left you all wondering if the Ideal Gardener's Wardrobe only consists of trousers.  That is not the case, it's just I've only had limited time to blog.  Today, I would like to share with you my accidental, blissful, footwear discovery.  

This last summer I wore my Chaco sandals every day while gardening at Rivendell!  I don't know how many gardeners like to wear sandals, but I was traipsing through the woods just fine, and thoroughly enjoyed the funky tan lines.  But, as fall approached I knew I would need an honest to goodness gardening shoe. The old tennis shoes in the back of my jeep were not going to cut it.  I was simply looking for perfection.    And the shoes had to be under $25 dollars, because that was all the budget allowed.  Some might perceive that as impossible, but I was game for the challenge.   

I hunted around outlet stores, this place, that place, all to no avail.  Until, by whim, I stopped by Ross.  I do realize that they mainly have dress shoes, high heels, etc, but the gardening vibe was telling me that was the place to go.  After looking through all their shoes I found only one pair that even resembled the outdoors at all.  They happened to be in my size, and they happened to be awesome!  

Shoes by Teva

These shoes have become my new best friend.  I have tested them in rain, snow, and mud.  The great thing was that they happened to be on a fluke sale for $15.  Wahoo!  What is so great about them, you might ask?  Let me tell you. 

~ They are leather, and waterproof, so your socks don't get all wet as you are wrestling with the hose while trying to apply liquid fence.  

~ No laces!  They fit snug, but comfortably, and you can slip them on and off without having to take off your muddy gloves to tie them back up. 

~  They are not too short; dirt, water, etc, can't easily get into your shoes. 

~ They are not too tall!  When you have a number of tasks to do, the up and down of gardening can make tall boots difficult in some circumstances.  In these shoes  you are just as comfortable spending three hours weeding as you are doing anything else. 

~ The tread has enough definition to give you traction, but is sufficiently shallow so that they don't collect added clumps of mud that you end up dragging all over the porch.  

Best Gardening Wishes!

~ Red Clover 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.  May all your paper whites bloom faster then most of mine!  

~ Red Clover


Ideal Gardener's Wardrobe Part 1

A gardener's wardrobe is a tricky affair.  It needs to be versatile, comfortable, and durable.  As this has been my first season as an employed gardener I've been discovering what makes up my ideal gardening wardrobe, or at least one that suits me just fine.  I've made some wonderful discoveries!  I wanted to cover this all in one post, but seeing as how I have been so busy these days I'll spread them out.  

First off - I've discovered some great gardening trousers!  These grey trousers are perfect for any kind of weather!  They are by Prana.  

The material is great because it is comfortable, flexible, but strong.  They dry very quickly when wet and have six deep pockets, four of which have snaps which make it easy to get in and out of them.  They also zip off at the knees giving me long shorts in the summer, or just great ventilation if I just zip them half way.  During the colder days I just slip a pair of thermals underneath and am perfectly warm!  If you haven't tried the Prana brand it's worth the investment!  (My gardening capris are also Pranas.)   I have worn them almost daily at work and the fabric wears wonderfully!  No sign of holes, tears, splitting seams, nothing.  


A Case For Aspen & Pine

This fall up at Rivendell has been a refuge of sorts because of it's beauty.  I've found it hard not smile as I watch my surroundings.  The grounds have settled graciously into a new season, and given delight in abundance.  Today was crisp and clear.  The leaves on the tall Aspen trees have turned into circles of brilliant gold, and littered the ponds, flower beds, and lawns.  Each time a breeze pushed through the woods golden rain would fall in dance-like movements.  The pine trees were never more appreciated then when I saw them today.  It appeared as if each tree was covered in golden baubles, or circles, which lit up as nature's own seasonal adornments.   The bright yellow played off the green needles so well that I decided everyone should consider the combination.  

Do you have a favorite fall combination? 

~ Red Clover



September's Offering

After work a few days ago I walked the seven acre property and visited a few flowers, mostly cone flowers, to see how they were doing.  I have been harvesting the seeds for the last few weeks, and will be sewing them around the wooded perimeter of the property.   Let me introduce you. 


Harvest Home

The other night, the Sun Flower night, I opened my front door to an ominous and beautiful east. 

Which inspired a walk along my old farm road, camera in hand, to see what I could find.  The west was still bathed in golden light. 

I have no idea why the gourd is sticking straight up.  Perhaps a call to all neighbors?  "Take what you want!"

I adore this view. 

It's time to be deadheading all the flowers, and we must not forget to deadhead ourselves if need be.  My best friend in D.C. told me that instead of doing homework she went and got a hair cut.  I thought that was just what I needed, too.  Here you go, Rose.  

~ Red Clover 


The Death of Phaethon

Helios, the Sun God, guided the sun through the sky with his flaming chariot and winged horses.  His mortal son Phaethon asked Helios to grant him a favor, to prove his parentage.   After the promise was given the boy asked if he could steer his father's chariot the following day.  Helios pleaded with his son to reconsider saying that not even Zeus would dare, but to no avail.  

Helios anointed his son with oils, as a protection, and asked the boy to keep the winged steads on their path.  "Phaethon, please change your mind!"  He begged, but Phaethon would not, and guided the chariot into the sky.  Recognizing that inexperienced hands were at the reigns the horses deviated from their course, the seas boiled, the land was scorched.  The mighty horses pulled up, and a freeze covered the land with ice.  The danger of the situation caused those on earth to tremble.  Zeus, seeing no other way to prevent more havoc threw a thunderbolt down from Mt. Olympus and Phaethon's charred body fell from the heavens, into a river below.  

 Helios mourned greatly the death of his son, and only after much persuasion did he take the reigns of the sun chariot, bringing the world out of darkness.  All day long his tears fell to the earth, and where each tear fell a sunflower grew that followed the sun chariot across the sky.   Sunflowers still follow Helios across the sky, mourning with the father for the loss of his son.

These sunflowers looked so sad on this evening.  It reminded me of Phaethon.

~ Red Clover


In Great Anticipation

Last night as I was going to bed I knew that today would be a climax of sorts.  I was right.  My head feels completely penetrated now, and I believe I sound funny.   All of this points towards me being saturated with cold.  Blah.  I hope it passes quickly, and is gone in a day and a half.  I guess I need to go to bed early tonight, tomorrow night, and every night thereafter.   

There is a cool freshness as the end of summer anticipates Autumn.  Fall is my favorite season.   I adore this time of year, and I want a beautiful, long, golden fall.  My hope is to post gorgeous pictures of all things Autumn throughout the season. 

Up at Rivendell there are three new roses to be planted today!  The terrace garden has been beautiful,  and the roses did quite well.  I believe being a fall gardener will suite my tastes.  The weeding will slow down a touch, and there will be many projects to work on.  Someday when I have my own greenhouse...sigh. 

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday of a few more flowers in my Red Clover garden. 


Red Clover's August Garden

This morning I looked out the eastern window to see my porch flooded with sunlight.  Something caught my eye and I ran into the bedroom, dragged Kip out of bed, and made him follow me out the door!  My Heavenly Blue morning glory had bloomed!  

Here are some pictures I took throughout August up to this morning (Happy Labor Day!).  I hope you enjoy, and I hope you will still be coming around even though I've been absent.  I began my senior year @ "university", am still the gardener @ Rivendell, and am tutoring a few teenagers in Foster Care.  Life is busy!  It's such a beautiful morning, and the rocky mountains are conversing with a sky as blue as my morning glories.  Wish you were all here!  We would make you a fresh peach and strawberry smoothie.

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
Black-Eyed Susan Vine
My landlords finished their deck, which really gives a great "outdoor room feel".  I like it.  

Scarlet O'hara morning glory

Black Dahlias! 

My rose has experienced a rebirth!  
Dried Allium stems for texture...

Chocolate cosmos!  Deep burgundy and smells just like chocolate!