The Importance of Knowing What You're Smelling

Hello dear friends!

It's been forever, I know.  There has been a lot of work to do as the weeds just keep growing!  I've been to a family reunion and went camping, celebrated the 4th, got sick, etc.  I am still sick.  And have hayfever to boot.  Not a winning combination (esp for a gardener).  I thought it would be all better this morning, but it came back with a vengence.  (The theological discussion with siblings until one in the morning probably didn't help.) 

On Thursday Kip came up to Rivendell*  with me to help me get caught up.  He had found some wild mint growing near the woods and had enjoyed the discovery.  

A little while later he came across more mint, raised it to his nose to smell, and StInG!  Got a surprise!  It was his first encounter with Stinging Nettle.  Needless to say I had a very good laugh.  It was a great moment.  

(* The large property I garden in the mountains is called Rivendell, and built around The Lord of the Rings.  It's very beautiful, and I love going to middle earth every day to work.)

Here are a couple of pictures from the camping trip to prove at least a fraction of my absence.

Our campsite

Kip reviving the fire after it went out

My brother-in-law and sister (who is 5 months pregnant.  It's a girl!)

Dinner!  Let's be honest, hot dogs taste great when you're camping.  The s'mores were wonderful too! (And we got Kevin to put away his iphone long enough to eat!  Ha ha.)  

I just had to finish the chapter I was reading in "The Agony and the Ecstasy", and then I did put it down the rest of the time!  The serious face is my reaction to the sacking of the Medici palace.  It was a painful part to read.  

I adore white columbines!  There was a field of them near our campsite!  

I'll see you soon with pics of my garden!  

~ Red Clover


Zachary and Jennifer said...

Welcome back! I missed your musings. :-) What a poor way to get to know Stinging Nettle, itchy!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Welcome back. Sorry about the hay fever - and the stinging nettles.

My Life As A Single said...

Loved the pictures. Sick? I'm sorry. No wonder No Hear. Hope you feel better soon. Stinging Nettle - - UG!

ksr said...

That campsite was gorgeous! Hayfever makes you susceptable to colds... awww! Pretty flowers...