A Case For Aspen & Pine

This fall up at Rivendell has been a refuge of sorts because of it's beauty.  I've found it hard not smile as I watch my surroundings.  The grounds have settled graciously into a new season, and given delight in abundance.  Today was crisp and clear.  The leaves on the tall Aspen trees have turned into circles of brilliant gold, and littered the ponds, flower beds, and lawns.  Each time a breeze pushed through the woods golden rain would fall in dance-like movements.  The pine trees were never more appreciated then when I saw them today.  It appeared as if each tree was covered in golden baubles, or circles, which lit up as nature's own seasonal adornments.   The bright yellow played off the green needles so well that I decided everyone should consider the combination.  

Do you have a favorite fall combination? 

~ Red Clover


Rugger said...

Wonderful description! A very fine place to work and absorb -

Sally said...

Why oh why haven't I been up there to see! Your writing is beautiful.