Christmas Time At Red Clover

Merry Christmas!  

Seeing as how this is Red Clover's first year, and first Christmas, it is something to celebrate!  Now, while those of you who are in the southern hemisphere you are swinging into full summer garden season, those of us in the north are having sort of a freeze in these activities.   The last couple days Red Clover has been in council, and this just means I have been talking to myself.  The month of December will be full of Christmas!  And there are enough plants around at Christmas time to make it still worth a gardeners while, and enough joy to make it worth a person's while.  (Not that gardeners aren't people, they are just an extraordinary breed of persons.  Ha ha.  Maybe one day I will come close to that title.  I assure you I am not gardener yet.)  So, this season will be a festive break out!  Yea!  

I hope to make it interactive, in the sense that many traditions, stories, carols, etc., are shared.  Like the previous post about the Christmas Tree!  That was fantastic to hear what you all prefer and how you do things.   

Welcome to Christmas at Red Clover!

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