In Great Anticipation

Last night as I was going to bed I knew that today would be a climax of sorts.  I was right.  My head feels completely penetrated now, and I believe I sound funny.   All of this points towards me being saturated with cold.  Blah.  I hope it passes quickly, and is gone in a day and a half.  I guess I need to go to bed early tonight, tomorrow night, and every night thereafter.   

There is a cool freshness as the end of summer anticipates Autumn.  Fall is my favorite season.   I adore this time of year, and I want a beautiful, long, golden fall.  My hope is to post gorgeous pictures of all things Autumn throughout the season. 

Up at Rivendell there are three new roses to be planted today!  The terrace garden has been beautiful,  and the roses did quite well.  I believe being a fall gardener will suite my tastes.  The weeding will slow down a touch, and there will be many projects to work on.  Someday when I have my own greenhouse...sigh. 

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday of a few more flowers in my Red Clover garden. 


Rosie Rose said...

You have a cold AGAIN? Such a sad waste of your very good head. Your flowers look gorgeous.

ksr said...

Like your yellow begonia!

Rugger said...

Yes, I hope we have that kind of Autumn!