Red Clover's August Garden

This morning I looked out the eastern window to see my porch flooded with sunlight.  Something caught my eye and I ran into the bedroom, dragged Kip out of bed, and made him follow me out the door!  My Heavenly Blue morning glory had bloomed!  

Here are some pictures I took throughout August up to this morning (Happy Labor Day!).  I hope you enjoy, and I hope you will still be coming around even though I've been absent.  I began my senior year @ "university", am still the gardener @ Rivendell, and am tutoring a few teenagers in Foster Care.  Life is busy!  It's such a beautiful morning, and the rocky mountains are conversing with a sky as blue as my morning glories.  Wish you were all here!  We would make you a fresh peach and strawberry smoothie.

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
Black-Eyed Susan Vine
My landlords finished their deck, which really gives a great "outdoor room feel".  I like it.  

Scarlet O'hara morning glory

Black Dahlias! 

My rose has experienced a rebirth!  
Dried Allium stems for texture...

Chocolate cosmos!  Deep burgundy and smells just like chocolate!


Anonymous said...

Your garden is beautiful!

My Life As A Single said...

Smashingly beautiful!!! Our rose is having a rebirth as well. Unfortunately my dahlias died a slow death. But, we have almost one real cucumber. (I think, based on how I feel myself, that it is just TOO HOT here.) Maybe I'll figure out something to better handle a garden next season?!?!