Harvest Home

The other night, the Sun Flower night, I opened my front door to an ominous and beautiful east. 

Which inspired a walk along my old farm road, camera in hand, to see what I could find.  The west was still bathed in golden light. 

I have no idea why the gourd is sticking straight up.  Perhaps a call to all neighbors?  "Take what you want!"

I adore this view. 

It's time to be deadheading all the flowers, and we must not forget to deadhead ourselves if need be.  My best friend in D.C. told me that instead of doing homework she went and got a hair cut.  I thought that was just what I needed, too.  Here you go, Rose.  

~ Red Clover 


My Life As A Single said...

Beautiful pictures. Are they truly from "your farm road?"

Kim said...

Your haircut is sooo cute! Fun! I loves Rose's haircut too... someday I will get one.

Rosie Rose said...

SO CUTE! I love it. Kim needs to get a haircut so we can all feel unified. I love the pictures too. Did you get a new camera? It captured the fantasy light so well.

Sally said...

Very cute cut Bethany. (Even though I am slow in noticing - not necessarily in noticing but having my conscious thought rise to the surface enough to comment!) I also loved all the pictures of your walk.

Rugger said...

Some great pictures! And you're hair looks great too!