Love Affair

There it is!  My very own osteopernum.  Sigh.  I'm smitten.  

 This particular variety, with it's butter yellow petals and indigo center (called Lemon Symphony), is from Proven Winners.  I have a white osteopernum which I will have to show you soon...they are marvelous.    The plant boasts of several blooms at once, creating a satisfying presence of yellow flowers that open up wide during the day, then close up shop at night.  They are also deer resistant!  I've planted two below a purple Dahlia, with some forget me not down in front.  When all three are blooming (waiting on the forget me not) it should be beautiful!  

Anyway, totally enamored.  

~ Red Clover


Thanks for all the congratulations on the gardening jobs!  I am sure to learn a lot...

I've already learned that sometimes people assume gardening is just a snap your fingers, get to it, and it should look like the cover on this magazine, right?   Well, no.  It takes time to build things up.  I've decided I can't worry about if people think I have accomplished enough.  I am working hard, and doing a good job.   The devil is in the details in gardening, and unless you're putting several thousand dollars into it, that Better Homes & Gardens cover probably won't be happening next week, or the one after that.  Smiles.  

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