Tip Toe

The last several days have found me out and about instead of inside creating blog posts.  You may have noticed.  Well, I have gone on some Red Clover field trips and taken hundreds (not exaggerating) of pictures!   I went to the beautifully manicured gardens of Temple Square in Salt Lake City, to the mountain resort of Sundance (as in the film festival, Mr. Redford, etc.) and snapped some pictures of the spring flora of the red rock desert in Southern Utah! (Mother's Day expedition.)  I am so excited to share with you the beautiful plants, combinations, and ideas I saw in all these places!  Hang tight.  Maybe tomorrow...
Until then, feel free to tip toe through my tulips.  I planted four bulbs and had a wonderful time watching them come out, recording the dates if I remembered, and inspecting each one individually as I only planted one of each color to see what I liked.  

Just wait until my next post!  You have never seen such tulips!  Except maybe in Holland.  

~ Red Clover


Jeanette said...

Gday Red Clover, I would love to tip toe through your pretty Tulips.love the colours you chose..

Love your colourful pansies its a wonder what a little water and a replant will do. I love them planted in large clusters it gives a better show..

Sally said...

It makes me think of Tiny Tim. I wonder what he's up to.