Why I Love My Landlords

As Kip and I got out of our car the other day Lindy, one of our landlords, was walking towards us.  

"Just the person I wanted to see!"

At first I thought I was in trouble.  She took me over to the side of the garage where two large flats of pansies were dying a slow death.

"They have been here for weeks!  I have not had time to plant them and I threw away my big planters.  Do you want to take them?  I saw you have some pots to put them into.  I've got potting soil already for you in the garage."


"Are you sure you don't want me to plant them for you?"  I asked, not wanting to take $30 dollars worth of pansies and $8 worth of potting soil unless she was truly behind the idea.

"Yes.  I won't buy pots in time and these flowers should have been in the ground weeks ago!"

Smiles.  I just love these kinds of service projects!  Bring your flowers that are tired and weary, and I will plant them! 

The next morning I brought the flats down and watered them for a few days until they perked up enough to stand a repotting.   There was one flat of the smaller varieties, and one of the normal, larger type.  I prefer the smaller.  I also prefer it when pansies are planted close together instead of spaced.  I piled them into three long containers and they have really done well!  

I ended up with almost a complete flat left over so I gave it to my parents, because that is one of my father's favorite flowers.

 Yeah for Great Landlords!  

It makes me feel happy that I've planted a beautiful perennial in their yard that they can enjoy long after we have moved!  I'll have to add a few more.  


Rugger said...

So, your flower budget could be reduced this month!!

Red Clover said...

It's already been spent!

My Life As A Single said...

I love the little "Johnnie Jump-Ups" all bunched together, too. I think that pansies are just, well...happy.

Mad Bush Farm said...

This is what I love about you and your blog always so happy and full of colour. Lucky you! I love pansies. I'll have to enjoy the photos since we're coming into winter here now. And you can never have enough in your flower budget.LOL
Take really good care. Great post

Phoenix C. said...

Sounds like a great landlord! The pansies look lovely. I like them closely planted too.

Many years ago I gave up chocolate for a year and used the money to plant up our garden. (No mean feat being a total chocaholic, but worth it!)