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One of the great things about life is rediscovering over and over again how much something delights you.  That is the case with Echinacea!  As the summer progresses, and coneflowers are appearing, I find myself so happy to see them.  Up at "R" the water feature needed to be redone (leaking thousands of gallons a day!) and so today was my first view of the finished product.  Because I was at Girls Camp all week I had not seen any of the replanting that had taken place.  You can imagine how happy I was to see the hill covered in Echinacea and Daisies of all kinds.  There are such beautiful shades now, and I dream of having a large garden area dedicated to tall, elegant, stands of these flowers.  Do you have a favorite flower that enchants you each time it comes around?  

~ Red Clover


The Weaver of Grass said...

I love the subtlety of their colours - and all daisy type flowers are lovely.

My Life As A Single said...

Isn't Echinacea the stuff you take for colds? Could it be this pretty?