Curious Climber and The Near Death Experience

I stopped after noticing the ambitious pumpkin, and then screamed and jumped back when I suddenly saw a huge lizard.  Luckily, those large plastic types are rarely poisonous.   I thought that if someone had a chain link fence like this, they could create quite the beautiful show by getting pumpkins to grow all along it.  Who wants to try?


Rosie Rose said...

Oh, that is funny. And by the way, "aunt" in German is "Tante". Didn't get your text message til the next day.

Zachary and Jennifer said...

We've had gourds grow up a tree one year when I was a kid. They had nice uniform shape. Growing them on a fence would be a neat experiment.


My Life As A Single said...

This made me laugh! Weird pumpkin, huh? I leaned over to the bottom shelf in Smith's today and just under the shelf was an icky lizard, too. I nearly yelled, but then realized it was plastic. I think your lizard friend is much better looking! Makes you wonder who left them there doesn't it?

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

That's hilarious! Hmm roast fence wonder what that would taste like? Plastic Lizards I can live with that. I woke up one fine summer's morning to find a little lizard sitting on my pillow. Great pics
Hope you are enjoying your new place

Jeanette said...

Gday Red Clover, Hehehe had a laugh at the plastic lizard.
That pumpkin looks ready to eat minus the lizard.
Thank you for posting the Rice crisp recipe ill be making that before the family arrive at xmas..
have a good weekend.