"The measure of the little while that I've been long away."

Posting has been at a low point the last several days. The main reason is that Kip and I found a new apartment. It has seven windows. Seven! Four of which are all the way above ground. Heaven. It is a fair amount bigger then our other apartment, too. And there are closets.

It has been on our mind for a while, getting into a place with more light, (That has become my rallying cry when ever I craved change) and space...and closets. So, Thursday I casually got online and browsed some classifieds for our area, with one particular road in mind. "Straton" Road. Now, I live in a city, good size, three large high schools, a couple hundred thousand I think, etc. It's twenty minutes from the mountains, and thirty minutes from the capital city. Perfect. And I grew up in a neighborhood next to a long street called Fourth South. If you follow this road all the way down, it eventually turns to the right onto an old farm road. It is down by the lake, and surrounded by fields. This was where I had decided I wanted to move. Close to everything, with a slight country feel. About a week ago I made Kip drive down there after work one night looking for "For Rent" signs. Considering there are about ten houses total on the old road, that was a far cry.

Well, I always tell Kip I lead a charmed life. I jumped online and, lo and behold, the first apartment that came up that day was on "Straton" road. It had been posted that day. After a phone call or two it was arranged for me to come down and see it before three other couples were supposed to look at it. It was perfect.

I loved the landlords; they are great and have five really fun kids. They liked us, too. And within twenty four hours we were offered the apartment, our landlords worked out a deal in our own apartment, and people were looking to move in. As Kip said "That was the fastest move of my life." I just smiled. He knew what he was getting into when he married me...I think.

So, I am spending this week moving while he is going between full-time university and full-time work. The yard is beautiful! I will take pictures. It is very large, and has a gate in the back that leads to a large park. My plants are excited as well, because the window sills are deep, with room and light. We are all thrilled. Leaving the neighborhood will be hard, because we have grown close to many of our neighbors, and I have been teaching the 14 year old Sunday School class. But, as I said to Kip the other day "We can't live in the "Jones'" basement forever." He ageed, though, as we lay on top of the bed talking, Kip looked over and said, "It just feels like we're leaving home."

Sorry for the break. Glad to be back. - Red Clover

P.S. Still to come...Pumpkin Land Pics, Farmer Grant, and more Fall Pictures! The yellows are in their prime!
P.P.S. That title of this post is from one of my favorite poems by Robert Frost. If you want to read the whole thing, here it is. It's a beautiful read.


My Life As A Single said...

I'm so excited for you and look forward to your planting, planning, and pictures! (Lots of pictures!!!)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hope you will soon blog pictures of the new apartment - sounds lovely. Glad the move went so well.

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Glad you found a new place. I think your plants will be just happy with their new home. I love Robert Frost's stuff always so poetic. All the best with the unpacking and setting up your new garden!!!
Take good care

Jeanette said...

Hope your move went very smoothly and you plats will ajust well in there new home..Look forward to a few pics...