"G'Day G'Day" this is for you!

My internet has not been working for several days, and so my ability to post has been...nil.  I have a few flowers to report on, and questions to ask, etc.  Jannette, "G'Day G'Day", asked for the recipe of Rice Crispy Treats!  

Albeit this is a gardening blog, I would love to leave the recipe until I post a "Real Post" in the morning.  It's late.  I am tired.  My jaw dislocated itself a couple of days ago and I still can't shut my mouth all the way.  If those aren't good enough reasons for me to not get you a "Real Live Red Clover Post" then I don't know what is.  

Now...This is how I do it:


1 Box Rice Crispies 
1 16 0z Bag of Marshmellows
1/3 stick of butter
1 bag of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Get a big pan and heat about three table spoons of butter until it is melted, then add a whole bag of those big marshmellows!!!  Once the marshmellows are all melted then take it off the burner/heat and add about 7 cups of rice crispies (that you had already prepared into a bowl.)  Then you stir them all together, just enough to make a real sticky mess, drop in about a half cup of chocolate chips, stir just a touch more, because you don't want the chocolate chips to smear, and then dump it all back into the bowl.  Then you sit down at the table with a fork, a place, and a glass of milk and dig in!  I don't put it into squares, no, I prefer a big messy pile of chocolaty-marshmellowy-goodness.  

Did that make sense?  You may have to fiddle with the measurements depending on what part of the world you live in.  

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Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hey have you changed Nationalities?Just kidding I figured Jen had been over to visit you. Have to try that recipe sounds yum!!! We're making a tire garden here at home -to keep the chickens and the calf out! Stay warm there