After I picked Kip up from class I asked him if he had seen the new member of our family.  "No" he had not and didn't know what I was talking about.  When we pulled into our little gravel car spot I grinned and said I had a surprise.  His interest was peaked until I told him it was another plant. 

 "You bought another plant!"  

"I needed a plant to teach one of my kids yesterday, so I bought two."   

He sighed with a smile and when we entered the apartment I made him walk around trying to locate the new arrival.  "Is it that plant?"  "What about that vine?"  Until his eyes fell upon the small flash of green and orange above the kitchen sink.  "You bought a cactus?!"  

Yes, and he is adorable.  I once swore I would never own a cactus, alas, it was almost love at first sight.  The charm he possesses will soon be explained via picture.  Once that darn camera turns up. 

After Kip admired our new plant he turned to me and said, "I thought the surprise was that you had made me rice crispy treats."  I laughed, cried out, and gave him a hug simultaneously.  He gets home from work in about forty-five minutes, and I am planning on making some rice crispy treats, while talking to my cactus. 

By the by, the dark green plant, covered in a galaxy of yellow stars?  I named him Abraham.  


Rachelle Frey Cameron said...

Good luck with your rice crispy surprise. What is funny was Jarred was talking about rice crispies today. He said he had a dream he was eating them. Maybe it is a sign that I should make him some too. You should give me your recipe, because I don't think I have one.

Rachelle Frey Cameron said...

I am not sure how I find anyones blog? Probably through looking at someones link to it and then figuring out who it belonged to. Anyway, I am glad I can keep posted on your life through blogging. School is almost out and we should do something. And I need to come see your new place. Love ya:)

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

A cactus!!! Cool I love cacti. Post a photo of him when you can. Prickly but really fun to grow. Hows the settling in going? Hope you are happy and well


Jeanette said...

Gday Red clover, Your rice crispy surprise sounds nice,Maybe you can blog the recipe.
Look foward to the pics of your cacti. I have a few cacti/succulents in planted in an old wheel barrow on one of my garden blogs. and a few different ones in pots..ill post them one day....

Sally said...

We used to have a cute little cactus for a number of years. They live forever - and they really are quite personable - at least the pot-bellied ones are.