Extra Extra! Dahlias Defeat Dismal Weather!

I spent some time over the weekend perusing the internet for Dahlia Tubers.  I looked everywhere from vendors who only specialize in Dahlias to samples from e-bay.  I was pleased to learn that a Dahlia will actually create another couple of tubers while it's in bloom and growing, which is fantastic for someone who would love to scatter an entire yard with them.  I still regret throwing my old Dahlia plant out, seeing as how she was so beautiful.  

Now the technical question...when is to late to plant tubers and when is to early?  I've read to wait until the last frost, which sounds reasonable, but I've also heard that if you get them started too late then "Ja Era".   Have any of you every bought them online?  I'm planning on ransacking the local garden centers, but there are a few unique blooms I wouldn't mind trying out.    

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Dreadnought said...

Hi Red Clover. You can plant them in the soil maybe three weeks before the last frost. The tubers will be safe from the frost at that time of year as they're under the soil. You just have to watch the foliage doesn't get frosted. If you think there will be a touch of frost just cover the foliage with news paper or garden fleece. I've got some tubers in the garden that have been there all winter and I'm hoping they will just come up when they feel like it. I cleared the soil away from one the other day and it seemed okay so once the soil warms up it should start in to growth so as you see from that the tubes are pretty well protected under the soil. This doesn't mean that you can leave yours out all winter though as I think you have colder temps than us also the ones I have are in a sheltered place.