Saving Abraham

As many of you know I bought a plant a few months ago who is deep green with what appears to be yellow stars all over his leaves.  He's been great, and soon became one of my favorites.  (Don't tell the others.)  I had Abraham right next to the window, but I noticed a couple of things were wrong.   First, he wasn't growing very well at all.  Second, a few of his leaves appeared to have been attacked by something, and were sporting very unsightly half circles on the sides.  I decided to investigate. 

 I pulled up the blinds and a little tiny spider climbed away from hiding behind Abraham. Hmmm.  Did he have anything to do with those half circles?  Was this indeed one of the infamous spider mites?  I am not sure, but I killed the poor fellow, and moved Abraham from the window, to a lamp table just a few feet away thinking maybe he needed to be a little warmer. 

Not only have the mysterious circles stopped appearing, but Abraham has shot up at least two and and a half inches!  If not more.  I don't know if this is due to him being a little warmer, or what, but something is working.  Bravo Red Clover.  You might make it after all!

Now I just have to figure out of those brown spots on a few of his leaves are because of over watering...?

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