Red Clover's New Year

The last few months I have been looking forward to what would be a new year at Red Clover.   Instead of going along with the idea of Jan. 1st and all that, a gardening new year would need to come at the brink of spring burst.  The point in time where "just a few more weeks and you will be there."  I decided that the official new year of Red Clover would be March 10th.  Not only does it fit the requirements, but it's also my birthday.  

In preparation to begin a new year I have looked at the possibilities of a new template, of trying to organize my garden-self a little better, of actually fixing my usb ports so I would put on more pictures.  (A must). I have been saving a few posts for the new year, and a lot of ideas.   I guess we will all see what comes of it!  

P.S. I went to a gardening class the other night and am bursting with interesting facts.  More to come...


The Weaver of Grass said...

A good day to be born on, red clover, it is my son's birthday too.

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

I'll have to mark your birthday on the calender so I can wish you happy birthday on the 10th! My eldest daughter turns 24 on March 29th. Can't wait to hear about your gardening class!!!

Love and hugs

Jeanette said...

Gday red Clover Ill have to make a note for march 10..I will be at a bowls dinner... Wow cant wait to see what you have planned after your garden class.