Truth About Celosia


Known as Celosia Argena in the scientific world.

Here is what I have discovered about Celosia. I don't really like it. It's not that there is anything wrong with it. It's not that Celosia doesn't have a certan charm and exotic beauty of it's own. Celosia, I found, is like on of those people that you meet somewhere and regardless of how wonderful they are you just don't click. In fact, in conversation you feel as if both of you are missing the point of the other person and that your words are floating into the oblivion above their head. No matter how many social functions you see them at they were never meant to be your best friend. Conversation is awkward, halting, and continually trips over itself. Alas, Celosia, we were not meant to be. Enjoy all of the other gardens who will shower you with praise and miracle grow.


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Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Red clover,

Sorry I haven't visited you sooner. My Mum hasn't been very well lately so I've been helping her out. So so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Hope you're okay. Celosia is pretty but not for everyone and finally I have started to create a new garden. Hope dear Abraham is okay as well. That insect sounded like spider mite they love hot weather normally but indoors they would really love.

Take care and stay strong

Love and hugs