Sweet Dreams!

The other night Kip called me from work. "Hey, I've been thinking about something"  He says.


"I was thinking we should double your Red Clover budget."

Silence.  "Really?" I say cautiously.  

You see, I know finances have been stressful, and that our budgeting has needed to get on track the last couple of months, and that spring has been a great temptation for me.  Double Red Clover?  But, shouldn't we save that money?  

"With one stipulation," He continued,  "that under no circumstances do we go over your budget."  

I sheepishly smile to myself, recalling that earlier that afternoon we bought a Hydrangea  bush for eight dollars.  I only had three left in my account.   

"That sounds good."  I say, not wanting to be selfish at all in agreeing with this budget adjustment, yet already thinking of the wonderful things that could come of it!

This morning he said, "I thought you would be more excited."

I explained that I was, but was trying to be aware of what we needed to save, spend, etc., and not wanting to be selfish by using a little extra money for my garden. 

"No, no, I like your gardening!  I'm more interested in it now then when you started, and it's a useful skill."  

Smiles.  I think I married a saint.  


Zachary and Jennifer said...

Awww! What a sweetie. :-)


karagal said...

Thanks for stopping by my little blog! Love your garden blog. I'm hoping to have an patio/pot garden this summer. :)

Urban Farming Mag said...

I think we have something in common... new garden.. save some money, help the environment?? We should share tips. check out my mag at http://urbanfarming.magazines.me

UKBob said...

Well done Red Clover.