Out Numbered!

That's it.  It seems I have been out numbered and can't possibly resist.  The Red Clover blog will now officially spell the word color, with a "u".  It is a practice I am not opposed to, seeing how my husband and I occasionally do it for kicks, and I insist on spelling Grey with an "e" instead of the American "a".  It's just that most of my blog friends use that spelling, and I have been overruled.  

Please await my next fall blog, in living colour.  

with love to all, 

Red Clover


My Life As A Single said...

Ok, once and for all....YOU AMAZE ME! I love this blog! I left a comment somewhere else, on another page, I think. Please, keep up the excellent words and lovely pictures!

Dreadnought said...

Hi Red Clover, glad to see you've got the hang of colour! Bob.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Glad to see you are adding the u! Look forward to more autumn colours next week!

Signe said...

Thank you for all the beautiful pictures. You have a fantastic blog.