Vineyard Garden Center

Date 3/02/2009  Mon.  Time 12:35

1 Dahlia Tubber (Orion)          
1 Dahlia Tubber (Martha)                      

3 Gladiolus  Bulbs (Jessica*)

1 Begonia Bulb (Apricot)

2 Packs of Seeds (Black-Eyed Susan & California Poppy)


1 Gerber Daisy (Orange!)

1 4" saucer (clear plastic)         


Tax                            $1.42

Total                                   $23.23

1 Red Clover needing to to expand her "Red Clover" budget**  

                                $ Could Be Pricey

1 Kip who came home from class to find his wife gone, yet her car was still in the drive and she wasn't answering her phone.  (I had walked to the garden center.)  

                             $ A Little Worried and More Then Happy to Pick Me Up and Give Me a Ride Home  

* Why name a tall orange flower "Jessica"?   I almost didn't buy it because of that.  It's not that I don't like the name...it's just, I don't know.  Didn't work for me.  

** I asked Kip about a monthly Red Clover budget, which he readily agreed too...and I already exceeded it in the above receipt.  It might need an adjustment. (I think my father would tell me I just need a little more self-control.  Both are probably true.)   Smiles.     


The Weaver of Grass said...

I think Garden Centre Managers see people like us coming, Red Clover - they rub their hands in glee at the killing they are going to make because we cannot resist buying plants - particularly like now at the beginning of the growing season. Good luck with Jessice!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Hehe... I agree.

Everything is so irresistible in the spring time. Good luck getting that garden budget bigger. :-)


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

I agree with Weaver & Jennifer there. We have garden Centres here that have cafes in them and charge $8 NZ for a flat white coffee then try to display diseased plants at ridiculous prices.

I either grow from cuttings or buy seed and also go to our local farmer's market as well. Cheap plants there.LOL

That garden budget will grow as the plants and you grow
Take care

Jeanette said...

Gday Red Clover.. I also agree im sure my garden cetre see me comming and put a bromiliad, Orchid or fushcia right were i have to walk past.. But I must admit its been to hot to go by plants for a while ..

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite sayings is "you CAN buy happiness"!