Dismal and the Divine

As dismal as all this cold can be, it can't help but breaking into the utterly beautiful.  Like a silver winter's sunset searing its way below the horizon.  Sunday afternoon was one of those days.  Kip and I took a stroll down our road and I had the foresight to bring my camera.   It was beautiful.  This first picture is the view when we walk to the front yard where our cars are parked; This greets us across the street.  Living down here, closer to fields then to supermarkets and suburban hustle you find only minutes way has settled something in me, and I feel deeply happy.  

Here I am in my boots, turquoise skirt, and bright red corduroy jacket.  I was fairly bundled.  Which was good, because it was cold. 

I've been thinking about spring, and wishing that I could hunt a plot of land somewhere instead of doing it all in pots.  We will see what surfaces.  (I can hear my mom now telling me to feel free and weed her flower beds.  That's not quite what I had in mind.)  As much as I don't want to rush winter, I am going to be excited for the earth to begin growing again.  

But until then, I think I will enjoy the beautiful place where we live.  


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Finally i get to see you!!!! Wonderful. You look lovely Red Clover. Really like the photos too. Nice when the country is just on the door step.. You'll get your land and your kittie as well. Our ones are sound asleep after a night of chaos. Snow is one thing I'm glad we don't have here in winter things would be much worse on the farm then.

Take care

ksr said...

Winter is severe... but also beautiful and awesome as your picture here shows. I keep telling myself that the severity should help with bug control. (alas, but i am trying to be practical)

BTW, I wrote another blog about HT...

Dreadnought said...

Hi Red Clover, they're lovely pictures, I think you would love having a plot of land. Bob.

My Life As A Single said...

I love seeing the pictures. Makes me feel like I'm almost there!