Commonly known as the Dragon Tree.

Plants often come with a little tag stuck in their pot, telling you useful things were you to purchase such plant and desire to keep it living more then a month.  Well, I did talk Kip in to buying this fantastic plant...tree?  And am pleased to announce that her name is Vermelha.  I lived in Rio de Janeiro for a while and speak portuguese, so when this plant completely won over my affections, and I spent much time admiring her gorgeous accents of red, I decided Vermelha was the name for her.  She approves.   

Her tag informs me that "Interesting plant structure provides contrast to indoor decorating schemes."  Kip said that all plants do that and it was a marketing ploy for people like me.  He was joking, of course.  I have been so delighted with her contrast, that my indoor decorating themes have been greatly enhanced.  In fact, she was put in the place of honor, my window table.  
A match made in heaven.  Apparently Dracaena Marginata prefer medium light, moderately moist soil, and the average home temp. of about 62-60 F (16-27 C).  Or so senior tag tells me.  

After poking around on the internet I learned that they are really known as Madagascar Dragon Trees!  Which sounds so much more exciting.  Apparently they can grow quite tall, and their lower leaves drop off as new ones form.  They can be grown straight, or trained to curve, and get dusty.  (!)  It seems that pests, though usually not a problem, have been occasionally known to bother our dear Dracaena.  (Such as Mealy bug, scale, and spider mites.  Spider mites!)  Learned at Dracaena.com

Luckily, Vermelha appears to be healthy and happy.  I have been pleased to welcome her as the newest member to our family.  

What exactly is scale?  


My Life As A Single said...

Beautiful, but prickly? plant. Does it grow great big???? Jo

Dreadnought said...

Hi Red Clover, Scales are an insect that look like a fish scale or hump like shell and can be found on the stems or underside of the leaves. Your plant looks very nice and I don't think it will give you too much trouble. Bob.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have one on my window cill as I write - not quite as big as yours. As yet no sign of any pests - I think red spider mite only visits in very dry weather. Don't know what scale is, just hope my plant doesn't get it!

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Draceana is a great plant to grow. I used to grow them commercially when I lived at my old place. Now I'm starting to grow Yuccas. There is another type known as Draceana Draco as well. They like plenty of light. Your one is more an indoor type. Lovely plants and fun to keep.

Take care

PS more kitten photos for you to look at too.LOL!!!

ksr said...

I have pictures of mealy bug on my blog...

Mealy bug are the bane of my existence in the greenhouse. Spray with an oil based spray or wash off with soapy water - repeatedly!!