July Flowers, Frozen World

It is dreadfully grey today, horribly grey, and though I've had some other posts in mind I have begun to crave flowers and colour.    I have also been remembering the flowers from my wedding.  I lived in Rio de Janeiro for eighteen months, and loved it!  The older part of the city (in which I lived) was built with very European architecture, yet the colouring is that of a tropical country; reds, oranges, pinks, greens!   The combination of the two is fantastic.  That is what I wanted to do for my wedding.  I wanted elegant neutrals and splashes of gorgeous colour.   So, I thought I would let you take a look at some of Red Clover's flowers and throw in a few extra pictures for fun.  Hope you enjoy!
My mom put together a small bouquet for my bridals because we had forgotten that we needed one.  It wasn't all the flowers I had chosen, but the right coloring and I loved it. 

The very first picture of Mr. and Mrs. Red Clover

The big picture...

Celebration of our two families. 

There's the first shot of my first bouquet.  I had chosen large pink and orange Lilies, two colours of Astermaria (which is a favorite flower!), fantastic soft pink and yellow snap dragons, small red roses...and let's see if I can remember what else.  Something green called "Irish Bells" or something like that.  

I wanted ferns for the greenery in the bouquet.  My Aunt Marjorie is a decorator, and does flowers for deserving nieces...assuming we're deserving. 

Behind the Mt. Timpanogos temple where we were married. 

We decorated with big bouquets and palm trees, as well as lying a bouquet of flowers over a shallow clay bowl on each table.  It looked really nice. 

Best Friend, Cousin, Sister, Sister, Me, Four More Sisters.   Aren't they beautiful?

The men looked sharp in their tuxes.  This is my  youngest brother, who loves posing for a camera.  I thought their boutonnieres (sp?) looked great against the black.

The cake imitated my dress; a soft ivory with slightly darker flower patterns all over.  Then it had a cascade of flowers down the side.  

One of the Flower Girls, my niece

A view of where we held the evening reception.  It was up a canyon in the mountains and just beautiful. 

My gorgeous mother and dashing father.  (She bore eleven children! They are both amazing and in excellent shape!  "From running after so many kids?"  you ask.)

The tables where refreshments were served.  I wanted whimsical and elegance.  I think both were captured.  

A close up of the boutonnieres.  I loved the thick grass my Aunt used.    

One of the corsages for the girls!  I have no idea what that drooping flower was, but it added such a fun look and texture.

We have now been married now for a year and a half, and I am so happy!  I hope you had fun looking at the flowers from my wedding!  

-Red Clover


Zachary and Jennifer said...

I love the play of color you used, the bold vibrant against the pastels. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! :-) Looking at the pictures is a great way to get away from the winter for a few moments.


Dreadnought said...

Hi Red Clover, when I saw the first picture I thought it was a painting you liked or something, it wasn't until I read what you wrote that I realised it was you. I hate the grey days, I'm really desperate for some brightness in my life at the moment, enough of this Winter milarky, its been going on way too long. Bob.

ksr said...

Wonderful pictures!! Irish bells are evident in the bouquet that is on the table. It is a light greenish flower with a bell shape. I can't remember what the droopy flower is... but all the flowers were so vibrant.

Jeanette said...

Hi Red Clover.. Beatiful wedding photo's and I love the vibrant colours in the flowers and table settings...

My Life As A Single said...

...and I loved seeing the pictures...and both of YOU!

Sally said...

A delightful reminder of a perfect day. That was great fun to look through those again. It brought back the moment in living colour!

UKBob said...

your flowers were lovely, not many brides here go for the vibrant colours. You looked stunning. Vicki

Jude said...

love your photos... the wedding looked so gorgeous... I would love to know where your flower girl dresses are from.... please share if you are willing... thanks.