(Commonly known as the Poinsettia)

(Also commonly known to cause slight twinges of guilt
when purchased in groups of four)

(Twinges of guilt are definitely worth it when 
one gets home and sets them in 
different locations)

(Kip gets home in two hours)


It's true.  I was wooed.   The first is bright Red, the second White, followed by a "Cinnamon" Poinsettia, and a last but not least is a Poinsettia that's a splash of Red and White.  Beautiful!  I did find spots for all of them.   The girl at the garden center said they are getting rid of them this week.  And there are rows and rows of them!  So, I got a wonderful deal: Four Poinsettia plants for thirteen dollars.  Who can argue with that?  

Technical comments on Poinsettias welcome, and to come...wish me luck! 


Rosie Rose said...

Next time I come visit you, your place is going to look like a jungle. We had some poinsettias and accidentally left them without water for several weeks. They died. My technical suggestion? Give them a little water now and again.

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

I love poinsettias!!!! Great value too. Even if I convert to our NZ currency that's about $27 our money. Still cheap. We can pay over $15NZ just for one!!!! A little plant food once a week during the growing season helps. They will appreciate it. Don't over water during winter or the roots will rot. Such fun you are having