Becoming A Gardner...

Becoming a gardner means doing laundry three times more than you would otherwise.  You are simply always dirty.

Becoming a gardner means buying a stronger pumice stone, considering you wear sandals most of the time.
Becoming a gardener is reminiscent of my dating days, continually wondering if the roots are too shallow.
- Red Clover

My Nephew hones his raking skills, while helping "Nana" with yardwork.  Gotta start them early!  

Weaver - Isn't it amazing what things stick with us?  Colours, smells, flowers in the window...

Jennifer - Same wishes to you!  

JoMama (Life As A Single) & KSR - Yes, all my flowers are girls.  It's not meant to be a slight by any means, it just is.  Smiles.  

Vicki - Interesting Facts about Gerberas!  Aren't they beautiful?  I always thought they were nice, but I fell in love with them on a cobble stone street in Rio De Janeiro.  A vendor had some Gigantic Gerberas and I was captivated!  I purchased a large red one and it went with me everywhere the rest of the day. I gave it to a friend later that night.  Thanks for the info, I loved learning a piece of the history.

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ksr said...

LOL... becoming a gardener isn't about washing the dirt off, it's about learning to go beyond the dirt. You don't realize that there is ground in dirt on your fingers and you can't get the dirt from underneath your nails so you trim them short. You have jeans that could walk themselves to the washing machine... Becoming a gardener means leaving those muddy boots by the door because they are hopelessly filthy but you can't bear to throw them away because they are finally broken in! enjoy~~~