The Potting Begins!

We had beautiful week, the sun was shining, and it was warm enough to run around in sandals and short sleeves.  We also welcomed the first day of spring.  It was a big potting week for me.  On Thursday I pulled out all the tubers, bulbs, and seeds that were packed away, and unpiled all of the pots that I'd been accumulating.  I decided to spend my birthday money from Kip and my parents on Books, Red Clover, and our trip to New York next month.  I bought two books.  (The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society & Three Men In A Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)  I have read the first, loved it, finally bought it...I have needed to buy the second, bought it, am loving it.  Hilarious.)  Then the rest of my book money went to Red Clover...and then my New York money went to Red Clover...and I basically went crazy this week buying dirt, flowers, & a gorgeous pot!  ;)  
This was the scene on Thursday Morning.  My tubers and bulbs were anxious to be planted, a few of them even beginning to sprout, and so I selected what would go in which pot and dug in!  

Friday I bought more perennials, that great pot, and decided where they would go, and later that afternoon bought more dirt.  (I have two big pots) 

Saturday (Today) I bought more dirt and really went to town organizing my space!  

Here you can see outside my front door.  Everything has been planted up, watered, moved, moved again, moved again, looked over, swept up, etc.  

I tried, with all the mismatched pots I had, to organize them in a way that would look somewhat nice, without making my landlords feel regretful that they said I could garden in the first place.   I should be able to keep it under control for a few months before I buy my annuals.  Hopefully my perennials will be bold, disrespectful of personal space, and fall all over themselves!
My next few posts I will tell you what I planted, etc.  Right now I really should be cleaning the apartment to get it ready for Sunday.  


KSR - I am hoping that all this dirt under my fingernails can cure me of the habit of biting them!  I know, is that a horrid habit?  


The Weaver of Grass said...

Those pots look lovely - no landlord could possibly complain! Isn't it funny how Spring seems to bring out the need in us to sew seeds and plant things. (and get our hands dirty)

ksr said...

Dirt under your fingernails... hopefully that will cure your nervous habit of biting your nails. Your collection of pots looks lovely! Neat, and organized, not all mish mash as my own collection looks presently.

Sally said...

I need to come by. I would bring Grandpa but I'm not sure if he can make it down your hill. By the by, send me the pictures!

My Life As A Single said...

I just finished reading "Litarary Potato Peel Society." Red suggested it and I love it.