I have always adored Forsythia.  Early spring, before anything else has dared to open their front door, Forsythia comes bursting out like a million sunbursts undeterred by the world.    It's also an inexpensive way to have all the flowers you want filling all the vases and jars you want.  You just have to know someone with a Forsythia bush.  The conversation will go something like this, 
"Hi!  I was wondering if I could cut some small branches off your Forsythia?"
"Do I have a Forsythia?"
"Yes.  It's the bush in the corner of you lot, covered in yellow blossoms."
"Oh, of course.  Take all you want!"

And I did...
Then I went back for some more...with permission.

I was driving around with my Grandpa the other day pointing out all the Forsythia bushes in bloom.  It was nice, and I'm sure he grew rather tired of it seeing as there are a lot of them.  One thing slightly distressed me.  Some people, in an effort to be responsible gardeners, have trimmed their bushes into a perfect, hedge-like square.  That makes me feel slightly appalled  (sorry, if you have, remember this is ignorant opinion) because Forsythia blooms in such a way that it is magical, whimsical, enchanting and free.  The plant itself pays no regard to containment, just reaches up in fancy.  It creates a fairy bower, as it were.  The hedge shape ruins the effect. 

I also learned just a few days ago, while blog prowling around "over the moon with joy" that you can take some branches earlier in the year, while there is still snow on the ground, put them in a jar with water, and bloom them early.  Isn't that nice thought!   Next year I will certainly do that.  Can you do that with Pussy Willows?  What a great combination they would be.  

-Red Clover


ksr said...

I love forsythia also. I have to prune our bushes every year because otherwise they grow so huge that you could camp out inside the bush. I cut a bunch of branches (still in bud) and brought them inside. Blooming now... yeah!

My Life As A Single said...

Forsythia is a special favorite of mine. I love to see them. Grandpa always had them in his yard. Wish I dared to ask someone up the street for cutting of his......