Philosophy and Gardening

For those of you who saw my post about the snowy morning, well, I am going to give it another day, let you know how my plants are, and NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!  My Orion Dahlia (I know, stupid, stupid) went from promising green, to sickly brown.  On the bright side...my Rock Foil is as nice as ever.   I am going to buy another Orion Dahlia just incase it was terminal.  Probably was.  Trying to be brave.  

- Red Clover, A-Shame-Ed


UKBob said...

Hi Red Clover, I did the post on taking cuttings. The post shows cuttings of Dahlia's being taken but do Geraniums the same way but don't bother with the plastic bag and go easy with the watering. You will find the post on Wednesday 25th March at http://the-estate-gardeners-diary.blogspot.com/ if you want to know anything just ask. Bob.

UKBob said...

Your Dahlia may survive provided the tuber wasn't frozen. Te tops will not stand any frost and will be black afterwards and so needs to be cut off. Bob.