The Garden Book

I am creating a Red Clover Garden Book.  It's going to contain things.  About Gardens.  About my garden in particular.  I know, a bit narcissistic, but I'm afraid I can't make a book about Your garden.  I don't really know it.  

This is part of my new year experience.  I am going to have a spring planting section, one for early summer, and one for late summer.  Pansies will fit in two of those categories, but I don't know if I am going to let them in.  We'll see.   There will be comments about care, preferences of my favorite flowers and plants, as well as planning sessions, and pot decidings, and garden plans.  My landlord just told me I could use part of the flower beds that are by my front door.  My heart is elated.  Kip's heart is probably wondering how we are going to fill the pots, let along part of two flower beds.  Seeds, Kip Dear.  That's how.  I just bought some fiery coloured Nasturtium.  


The Weaver of Grass said...

I like the idea of a garden book and have often thought of doing on myself - when I think of the gardens I have left it is a shame I never got round to it., A friend's husband, now well in his nineties, a widower and still a very active gradener, has kept a series of exercise books over the years list which vegetables he put in, where, the variety and how well they did - marvellous record for posterity.

My Life As A Single said...

You go girl! Have you every talked to Grandma B about how she starts seeds....she gets them to grow really fast and plants hundreds of them. (Plus, she'd love to share a common seedling interest...:) :)

ksr said...

I am doing a journal for planting seeds and small plants this spring too! I figure that it might be helpful to others. I found that writing in it everday makes life easier than writing a huge graph!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

That is a great idea. Hurray about the expanded gardening space! :-)


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

That's lovely! I have a garden book as well which I started a while back. Fun and it's a record later on for your kids. Great on the flower beds you'll have lots of fun especially now spring for you is coming.

Love and hugs to you