The Whys, Wherefores, & What It's All About

Red Clover began last October after a very satisfying summer of my Stairwell Garden. Summer 2008 was truly my first test in picking flowers, killing flowers, planting bulbs that (gasp, I know, but tight budget) were purchased at the dollar store, and embarking on my own gardening journey, not just the garden/yard work that abounded as I grew up.  This was my own, and something in me needed it.  

In my Stairwell Garden, during a rain storm.

I had a blast.  I learned to love my Dahlia, to enjoy the scent of the Red Geranium that continually kept me company and made veiled remarks as I tried to repot the other flowers.  I watered too much, I watered too little.  But, hey, I watered.  With fall approaching my interest was growing, and so after holding out for a few years from the blogosphere I decided it was finally time.  Red Clover came into existence.   

My motto was simple, "To start something new, gain wisdom from experienced green thumbs, and gather insights for beginners...like me".

Then I posted what would be the purpose of my blog, and what kind of posts to expect.  

"Flowers & Plants
Garden Tours (Which I will take and photograph in people's gardens... unsuspecting gardens)
Do You Know What This Plant Is?
Planting Seeds (Shout-outs for advice from fellow gardeners)
Vignettes - Garden Stories"

(I like those categories and have done a little with each, except herbs, I have pictures for that though!  I think I will keep those categories, though maybe rename a few, and them add a few more...I am trying to be more organized.)

So, I posted on October 8th.  I woke up the next morning, checked my blog, and there was a comment!  And it was from Bob!  A real life English Gardner who worked on an estate!  I was elated.  I must confess, Bob, that everyone who ran into me for that day and several following, heard that you had made a comment on my blog.  Smiles.   After that the whole garden world began to open up before me.  I was badgering my new found friends with questions (I still have a lot) and picking up my mom's "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine, my camera became a staple as I clicked pictures of what caught my attention, the amount of plants inside my house quadrupled, I moved to a sunnier place with more space, and I have never ached so fiercely for spring all my life.  It's finally here.  

Since I am beginning a new year there are things I would like to change.  For example,  I like how Dreadnought, or Bob, will answer questions at the bottom of his post...hmmm, still thinking about that.  Responding to comments has been something I've wanted to do, but I vacillate  between methods.   I fixed my USB ports, so more pictures are back on the docket! I want to try and use all original pictures to the extent I can, which means I've got to be out there on the hunt.  And I am going to try and post more regularly;)
Thanks for coming around these few months, and I hope to not only improve my gardening skills, but also my blog.  

Happy Spring Regards, 
Red Clover


My Life As A Single said...

I, too, enjoy your friends comments...and your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Happy Spring to you too!

I always enjoy your garden themed musings and I think we all are looking forward to the warm weather ahead. May your vase be always filled with fresh cut blooms. :-)
Keep sharing!