Evening After The Rain

Last night I was feeling a pleasant touch of melancholy.  I was missing Kip, who was again at work. The rain, which had been tumbling down all week left me behind, too.  A quivering blue hung in the air, surrounded by the grey post-rain gloaming.  Luckily I went outside just in time. 

 Sometimes I find myself seeing something so beautiful it's painful, a physical ache, and I want to stare at it all day, but don't know if I could take it.  Is that strange?  Well, last evening was something to revel in.  My small garden looked very pleased, and it lifted my spirits as well.

Just out the front door.

The first Grandiflora Sunray Coreopsis to bloom.  

The Irish Moss is wearing her fine little flowers now. 

This will be the first bloom from my Dahlia tubers!  "Strawberry Ice".  I can't wait. 

Some Roma Tomatoes from Kip's Salsa Garden, all dressed up, hats and all.

 Our little digital just doesn't grasp colour and detail as well as I would like...but it does a pretty good job.

One of my ornamental morning glories falling into my trap!  (I wanted them to climb my little plant stands.  Should be gorgeous!)  

The backdrop to my pots, so beautifully provided by my benevolent landlords. 

Some Daffs I brought down from the mountains.  (I was supposed to clip them, so I brought them home instead of throwing them away.) 

Shame you can't see it in person. 

A disorganized shot of part of the garden.  (A new deck is being built above the porch by the Landlords.  So, they have been moving my pots hither and thither while putting up various posts, etc.  My garden is in a grand state of disarray.)

The end of my street!  Look at those clouds.  The valley I live in does have some remarkable clouds. 

The street I live on, and the neighbor who keeps trying to recruit me for church choir :)

The evening ended by helping my little sister fulfill a Drivers Ed assignment.  (Sit by an intersection for 30 minutes and write down everything you see that is illegal.)  I was working on a garden space the whole time in a notebook, imagining a Red, Orange, & Blue colour scheme.  Sigh.  It was really nice in my mind. 

Thanks for joining me!

~ Red Clover


My Life As A Single said...

Beautiful garden and pictures!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

It sucks when the husband has to be away. I am glad you chased your blues away with a nice garden tour and an outing with the lil' sis.


EB said...

Your notebook looks wonderful, drawings like that seem like seeing someone's thoughts on a page. Very talented.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

What lovely pictures!!!!!! We have had some exceptional rainbows lately too! Just wish I had a better camera to take better pics of them! Lovely look around your neck of the woods!

Sally said...

I caught up on all your awesome posts and pics. Thanks!

UKBob said...

Hi Red Clover, your garden is looking like it has lots of interest, I hope you will show the Dahlia when it flowers properly. It always amazes me how much you can actualy fit in to a small garden. Bob.