Garden #3 - 2009

This garden was actually the home of a friend of mine from high school!  I was excited to see it on the list, and really enjoyed the sitting areas.  Apparently, while the wife was out of town for a week soon after the family moved into the house the husband had a full blown sports court put into the entire backyard.  So, once all the kids grew up and out the wife took that thing out and set up this garden!  Hope you enjoy.  

I loved, loved, loved these flowers. 

Cool potting shed.  Personality, and tucked away just enough.  

I am not one for "propping" up the entire garden, but those tall window pains are really great.  They give a mirror effect, yet aren't too obvious.  

Knowing me, there would be more pots, and brighter colours here...

...like these!

The next few coming up in a different city, and have some very interesting things!  I'll get those on so you can just cruise on through.  

~ Red Clover 

1 comment:

EB said...

Fascinating. The air of theatre and presentation about it is great fun - it makes it feel as though this is a special moment in time. The top of the wheel...

I love the last flower - oh wow. Very acid looking! It is a gazania? or a gerbera (which always reminds me of gerbils)?