A Tale of Two Gardens

It was the Best of Gardens, it was the Worst of Gardens

...and somehow I was employed to take care of both.   Let's call them G and R. 

G surrounds a fairly large house in a pristine neighborhood that has been built in the last few years.  The owners are young, yet have hired a gardener and a house keeper.  I am the former.  Thank goodness.   Very nice, new street. (I prefer older streets with personality.)  Three car garages.  No mature trees.  That's the kicker. 
When I first arrived at G it was to interview for a position to mow the lawn and do some weeding here and there.  When I left I'd been hired as the gardener, and someone else was employed to mow the lawn and use the week wacker.  I couldn't be more thrilled.  

The vegetable garden had weeds clear above my knees when I showed up for work the first day.  (And I am almost 6 feet tall, so those were big weeds.)  The sprinkler system had been broken for about a month.  No watering had been going on!  Ahhh!  And the lawn was not aerated.  There were flower beds in the front filled with flowers and strawberries, and more weeds then you can imagine.  In the backyard there is nothing.  It's just a big, yellow turning green, square.  Big.  There are plans for that.  (I'm hoping they design an entire concept for the whole yard instead of just plunking a tree down here and there.)  

The neighbors surrounding the G are all thrilled to see me.  "No, I am not the wife, but the gardener" I explain.  My clients moved in last year, and have not had time to do anything, so all the neighbors are happy to see weeds flying and the fertilizer fertilizing.  

I've ripped out all the weeds in the Veggie Garden.  Formed rows, worked in top soil, fertilizers, etc.  Planted all the plants, trying to place them in the best spots possible.  And now am working on the flower beds and lawn rehab.  Thanks to the sprinkler man, who came and fixed them last week, it is looking better.  

There is garden G.  Total rehab situation.  A lot of work to be done.  And almost free reign to decide what flowers to plant once all the weeds are removed.  (I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, actually, if it makes any sense.  I know what I would do with my own garden, but this it is not, so...?) 

Now for my second garden...

 R is a piece of heaven.  Really.  It's up in the mountains, it's gorgeous property nestled in between two mountain rivers.  It has ponds, waterfalls, lawn areas, trees, patios, trails, destination points by the river.  Gorgeous perennials that have been carefully selected.  Tall trees.  A bridge across a "ravine".  It's beautiful.  (My talented sister designed it.)  

There is an entire crew to do the lawn, laying down of top soil & mulching on a grand scale, planting huge trees, moving large rocks, etc.  I get to be the detail gardener!  I care for the landscaped beds, etc., clean out the ponds, remove dead anything, walk the woods looking for trash, make the place weedless...whew!  (Working on that right now.)    I have weeded the entrance by the gate, along past the bridge, down some paths, through the first pine forrest, up the river trail (as I call it) and all along the stream, past the waterfalls, and over to the left by some great stone patio spaces.  Whew.   Then I worked on the second pine forrest, weeded that, and (with the help of my little brother) lopped trees, removed dead daffodils, and laid down fresh pine needles sent from the other side of the country (today we put down 400 pounds worth, I think).  The pond has also been cleaned a number of times.  You should have seen me sprawled completely underneath a huge blue spruce trying to get every weed.  I was absolutely covered in sap.  

The home owners of R come into town next week.  I only have one day of work to get the areas I want weeded, and de-uglified.  Daunting, but enjoyable.  Focus around the house, Red Clover.  

It's so beautiful, and I love being a part of keeping it that way.  I snapped a few pictures, so here you go.  Enjoy!   (There are a lot more flowers, I just didn't take pics of them today)

(Those are all sea shells)

Isn't that hosta elven? 

~ Red Clover


And now for delayed responses!  I'm really trying to do better here, because I spend a lot of time responding to all of you in my head instead of on the blog.  You've missed out on some great conversations, really.   If you've posted on the last few posts, keep an eye out below!   

Weaver ~ Yes, that is a nice thought, poppies running along...if flowers could move spots everyday, where would they go?  p.s. The goat was not a handsome prince.  Turned out he was a tax collector.  Sigh.  

EB ~ So glad to have found you/found me!  It is a great poem.  I'm enjoying your garden blog very much, and am inspired and awed by the simplicity of your labels.  Ha ha.  

Jeanette ~ I do love the fountain!  I have yet to find the courage to bring it outside because my landlords already pay for more water then planned I'm sure, that I can't plug in a fountain yet.  So, I just run it inside.  ha ha.  

KSR ~  Can't put up fencing, but my landlord marched that goat home fixed his pen sufficiently that no goat has been sighted, and all my jenny is still creeping. 

Rosie Rose ~  You are so bizarre.  Love you for it.  Hamsters?

Sally ~ If I remove all your weeds then someone would have to start paying for therapy.  It's a mercy that when I come over to your house I sit about in pure laziness, and dead head occasionally.  


ksr said...

How gorgeous! Imagine... to have the means for such lovliness!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

What great scenery you get to work in. Nice pictures.