We Interrupt This Garden Tour!!! (Black Dahlia)

Here she is.  The Dahlia I've been waiting for.  I could just die of happiness.  Please meet 'mystic desire' (their name, not mine).

One of the petals fell off just as my "under-gardener" was asking a question about her.   Coincidence?

The foliage is actually as dark as in the first picture, this second one lightens it up a bit.  Isn't that shape fantastic?

Love.  At first site. 

Not to be redundant, but let's look at that pot again.   Perfect.  (She won't grow too big for this pot, will she Bob?  I wouldn't think so.)

This was my very helpful under-gardener tonight!  I was thrilled to have the help.  He potted peppers for me, aided in re-placing all my pots which had to be moved, and watered everything.  What a guy!  (My landlord's son!)  While you're here, this is what's new in Red Clover's Garden. 

All my pots had to be moved out away from my door because they are building the deck (hence the metal poles).  It's amazing how long that really takes.  Here are the two views of my temporary, and a little less artistic arrangement of 48 pots!  (Where have they all come from? Most of them have been free, Kip dear.  Just so you know.)

The Lobelia was waiting several days to be planted, so it's pouting.  Don't worry.  Give it a day or so and it'll perk right up.  This turtle is the only pot I have that's not really in the shape of a pot, or vase, or pitcher.  He makes a point to remind me.  

New to the family.  Thank goodness for freecycle.  

And last but not least, my first Nasturtium bud came out today.  I just learned they were edible, too.  Really, how does it get any better? 

Feeling very amiable with the world, 

~ Red Clover


EB said...

I love the foliage and the pot for the dahlia; not so wild on the flower but seeing it for real might change that.

All your pots together look wonderful though. I'm fairly new to your blog so I don't think I've seen them all in their original home.

Love the turtle pot too!

My Life As A Single said...

You're not only a good gardener, you're an excellent photographer. I love all the beautiful flowers. I hope that your plants will get enough light, I imagine that the deck will be nice for the landlord.