Garden Tour: #2 - 2009

This house had quite a simple feel, with several layers of lawns, fruit trees, and roses.  Here are the pictures I snapped of elements I liked.  I realized that I didn't take on of the whole yard...whoops!

Enjoyed this walk way. 

They had an entire shade garden underneath this tree, which was surrounded by three rooms of the house.  It was a nice setting. 

This was a very tall wall...the ivy was pretty cool.  

All the steps from level to level were like so; a rectangle and a triangle.  I liked the combination. 
This was a view towards the daughter's home at the back of the property. (Constructed from an old barn!)

The raspberries. 
Lots of roses adorned the fence in the very back.  Here was a rather nice bloom.  

#3 coming up! 

~ Red Clover


Rose ~ You did miss out, and we missed you.  That's what happens when you live on the other side of the country.  Maybe you should come visit sometime!

EB ~  I prefer less "stuff" as well, but don't mind a few fun ideas.   I'm much more of a plant/flower girl with a few interesting items. 

Karagal ~  Yes, the red was delicious.  It's a great colour in the garden.  (There is a reason why that's the British spelling, you know...ha ha) 

Sir. Bob ~  I'm planning on showing off all the Dahlias.  I'm afraid there will be no where to escape!  I can't wait to post my "Black Dahlia" later on...maybe tonight! 

Jennifer ~  Yes, I am all for lots of time with my husband.  There's nothing better.  Well, lots of time with my husband in the garden might be...ha ha.  


Anonymous said...

We are here in your state! KIt is fun to think of you frolicking amongst the blossoms only a hundred miles or so from us!

Jeanette said...

Gday Red Clover.
Lovely stroll along the crazy path past the daisy ,the lilies and roses the blooms are all beautiful.. ty

Rosie Rose said...

Wow. Your camera managed to pick up some really vibrant greens. I can't wait to come visit and see your own garden.