Garden Tour: #1 - 2009

I loved the Irish and Scotch moss placed in a pot like so.  Very cool.  Nice touch.

That's a live wreath. 

can't really see it, but it was a darling chair.  

This grass has such great texture.

In each garden there was a "mystery plant".  We got them all, and hopefully will win the drawing...sigh, ha ha.  The tree above was this garden's mystery plant. 

Sunflower was great. 

Found this ground cover to be delightful.

In this garden I enjoyed the soft yellow/red colour scheme, and some of the props were nice, too.  (The favorite accent being watering pots.)  There were a number of sitting spaces (as there were in many gardens).
~ Red Clover


EB said...

Hmmm. Intriguing. I love the mixed moss too, and the deep planting round the metal bird. I find the props a bit much, but perhaps they look more like that in pictures than if you can see them in context.

Rosie Rose said...

Ooh. There were a lot of really nice things to see, it looks like.

Speaking of props, I like to go to the National Botanic Gardens here in DC and, though they don't have many props in most of the rooms, in one of the tropic plant rooms you suddenly find yourself staring at a dog-sized, plastic brontosaurus. I find this prop pretty hilarious, but I have to admit that if you aren't careful, props can make a garden kind of ridiculous.

karagal said...

I'm not as well versed in species of plants to give a worthwhile opinion. So, I will comment on the garden's accessories. Loved, loved, loved the old red rocker. And the tin garbage can growing plants next to the bird houses. What a fun thing to do!!