Hidden Garden Tour - 2009!

Yea!  Yesterday I went all over the valley with "Aunt Jan" (by best friend's Aunt) to the Hidden Garden Tour 2009!  It's a benefit tour where about fifteen home owners all around the valley are chosen to present their gardens.  They work hard, get it in perfect order, find sponsors occasionally, and enjoy two days of guests touring their gardens!  You have smaller gardens around humble homes, and large, expansive gardens around quite expensive homes, and everything in between. It's a fun combination.  I purchased my ticket at a local nursery, and all the money this year will go to a New Born Intensive Care Unit!
There was some great rain, and some nice sun.  We had a wonderful day, and I took pictures at each house of things I liked, or shots that gave a sense of their garden.  Hope you enjoy the pictures (I'll do a post on each one). Let me know what you like!  

Aunt Jan, my delightful companion!

~ Red Clover 


EB said...

Can't wait!

Rosie Rose said...

You have managed to make me very jealous. I would have loved to ramble through gardens with you and Aunt Jan. You would love the garden at the end of our street. They have an amazing combination of flowers and viney things.