Apocalyptic Gardening with Bob; Molehill Dirt, Etc.

A few days ago a new friend of mine, Sir Bob, posted the following on his blog:
"Potted up all the plants I wanted to save from Pumpend. Just used some molehill soil from the field and mixed in some old growbag and added a bit of bonemeal. I won't be asking them to do anything fancy over the winter so that will keep them alive." 
As a curious new gardener this sounded like a fascinating process, or ritual.  I didn't know.  So, Sir Bob explained it for me.


Mole Hill Soil

Yesterday Red Clover asked me about mole hill soil with regard to potting up some Geraniums for over wintering. Its something I do sometimes if its something thats not too important that I want to grow or keep. There is a mole out on the green that keeps pushing up the soil which is finely graded and seems to free from weed so why not make use of it. I know you shouldn't really use ordinary soil for potting, I don't remember why but in this instance I decided to throw away the rule book. I think ordinary soil tends to compact in to the pots so to try and keep it open I added some filling from the old growbag the Melon plant was in, I also added a hand full of bonemeal as a slow release fertilizer. So what I used was fresh molehill soil mixed roughly half and half with growbag compost and mixed in with this a small handful of bonemeal."

There now!  If you would like some first class pictures of moles, or of a grow bag, please visit The Diary Of An English Gardener.
One of these days I am going to post what Sir Bob has told me about Dahlia tubers...I just don't plan on telling him that in my ignorance I threw mine away a good month ago.  Que Vergonia! 


Dreadnought said...

I heard that - ha ha! Its probably easier to throw them away and buy new in the sping if you only want one or two. I'm pretty lucky in that I can get away with leaving them in the ground all winter. I just dig up a sample of each variety just as an insurance.

Red Clover said...

That is really cool that you do that. I want a whole post on marking Dahlias! Alright!!!!