I like pots.  I like unique pots.  I don't like faddish pots, or pots that take away from the plants/flowers therein.  Don't get me wrong.  They can be bright and colorful, but not obnoxious.   This pot was given to me by my sister's South African mother-in-law.  I think it's great!   While I was re-potting about a month ago this pot was inhabited by the remains of a grass (the cousin to corn).   I was trying to figure out where to put these Pansies, and they kept asking to be put here.  

"No,"  I said "You will look ridiculous with the grass.  I am not going to do that."

"No, we won't."  They insisted.  "That is where we want to be potted.  We don't like any of the others you have here."  

 I ignored them for about fifteen minutes, and finally gave in.  Pansies are very persuasive flowers.  

They didn't look half bad, and at first I thought my little stalk would be pleased at the company.  Little did we know that the Pansies were not planning on co-habitation.  They were aiming for pot domination.  Which they did; I still like them, though.  


The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Red Clover. I too like your pot and I know all about pansies - they are tough little creatures! Am trying to work out whether you are in the US or the UK but you don't give me much to go on.

Dreadnought said...

Hi Redclover, I like what you did here, or at least what the pansies made you do! As well and the pot and the plant I also like the stand - what I can see of it. Bob.

UKBob said...

thank you for your nice complements, I do believe the flower is a verbena don't know what type.

Red Clover said...

Weaver of Grass...I'll take that as a compliment seeing as how I have many ancestors from the UK, my maiden name is Hall, and my husband and I both lean to British rock, style, etc. It's in the blood you see. I have spent about a month bashing around the UK and I felt like I was visiting my Grandmother's house at times.

I actually live in the USA and currently reside in a city at the base of the Rocky Mountains. They are stunning today as I walk up my stairwell, covered in fresh snow, and patterns of the waning sun.

Pansies are tough. They are surviving this weather just fine.

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Nice pot!

I ran across your blog and enjoy it. Lovely pictures too.


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

I like that pot!!! Pansies and pots got so well together. You are doing such a neat job of your garden. Better than I am. Horse and calf in the garden..not a good idea.