Aunt Marjorie's Garden

As many of you know I just returned from vacation in Colorado.  It was great!  I spent a lot of time looking at my aunt's garden, as she has done an excellent job with it.  Here are a few things I really liked; maybe you'll get a few ideas.  
Yes, dreadnought, this is a frog.  (Loved the story of your mom and frogs.  I have a picture for you.)  I like the grasses set up against the water feature.  

Another shot of the roses in the middle of the pond.  It's October, so they are not in prime condition, but you get the picture.  I loved it!

Her use of rock and plant really enhances the yard, especially considering the view is a majestic vista of the two.  

You already have seen this, but it's so nice. 

She had several lily pads in the pond.  I just love lily pads! 
Behind the pond is this fire pit.  At night, as you sit by the fire, you can hear the coyotes calling to the moon, and deer running past.  

At the very edge of her property my aunt has this small sitting area.  This is my favorite part of the garden.  The land behind her house is protected by the government, and cannot be built on.  Lucky them!

One of the patio sitting areas.

The fish.  I assume the net is so hawks can't take off with the gold fish.  

Green and red; a nice combination.  The step up to the deck is the rock I am standing on.  Using the natural habitat around you enhances the feeling of your garden.  My aunt did a great job with bringing the feel of Colorado into her gardening.   Please notice the painted toe nails, they took a lot of work.  

And at night there are lamps to give ambiance to the whole scene.  

I recall my aunt talking about one of the problems they have had with their plants, deer.  One thing she has mentioned is that if you make a mixture of cyan pepper with water and spray it on the plants the deer won't eat the leaves.  (They can't leave their cats out thought, or the coyotes will eat them:)  Thanks for joining me on this garden tour!  What did you like the best?


Zachary and Jennifer said...

What a great tour!

How long did it take them to create their backyard garden?


Pelageya. said...

Wonderful pictures!
I heard that deers don't like purple color. I have lots of purple flowers in my garden, and it looks like it's true - deers don't touch them.

Dreadnought said...

Hi Redclover, really I can't choose just one area of the garden, I like it all, the fire pit is a great idea, I've never seen one of those here. Tell me is it hot there right now because it looks so sunny? Bob.