I found this on a neighborhood "flower stalking session." Anyone know it's name?

Welcome, those of you who have stumbled across my blog! It's a beginning of something I have had rolling around in my mind. You see, gardening has been creeping into my bones over the last several months. Though I have always enjoyed it, purused those home garden journals my mother gets occasionally, and have a sister who is a landscape designer, I have never done much of it myself...until now.

I was married about fifteen months ago. Without warning I started being drawn towards the plant section at every store; I picked up some pots, bought a few flowers at a university sale, and even a few bulbs at a dollar store (only one came up). From then on it was a slippery slope into the world of driving by nurseries and sighing, saving a dollar here or there to buy new soil, and watering that darn geranium. I am afraid I have been seduced into the world of gardening. Have you?

And so, I have begun to put together a Garden Book. And then I thought, "Why not begin my novice journey online?" You see, for anyone in the beginning stages of gardening I would be posting my adventures, finds, new flowers, plants, etc. From those who are certified green thumbs, and actually have earth to work with, I could gain insights and tips.

My posts will explore a variety of things in categories, such as:
Flowers & Plants
Garden Tours (Which I will take and photograph in peoples gardens... unsuspecting gardens)
Do You Know What This Plant Is?
Planting Seeds (Shout outs for advice from fellow gardeners)
Vignettes - Garden Stories

Sound fun? I hope so. See you soon!

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Dreadnought said...

Well done you for starting a blog about your garden, I am looking forward to reading all about it. Bob.