My Geranium's Plight

My geranium is doing weird things.  Since this is my first geranium I suppose it's normal for me to be surprised by this or that.  It's just that with all the gardening books on the market, no one writes about how to deal with the important growing stages of the geranium.  I am a first time geranium potter, and don't know how to handle this.  You see, over the last week my geranium has slowly began to change color.  It's not drying up, not at all, it's leaves are just turning this beautiful red and orange.

  I am charmed on one hand, and slightly worried on the other.  Am I killing it?  Is this going to to do irrevocable damage to my geraniums psyche?  Will he blame me for things all his life, because I neglected to do the correct thing in this stage of his development?  Or do I just have a gifted and artistic geranium that needs understanding, no fences.  Was he really meant to be planted in a real garden instead of just a pot?  Nature vs. Nurture?  Sigh.  His blooms are doing quite well, the coloring is normal for fall, and I know that dreadnought left some comment to me about how to winterize geraniums....I think I will go hunt it up  

Until then, Happy Autumning.  

- Red Clover


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hey there Red Clover. It could be a nutritional problem - try a liquid fertiliser (very sparingly) but also you're coming into autumn. Don't let the soil get too wet otherwise your poor geranium will die from root rot or does he need repotting?. Yes I've done that myself over watering. I don't do it anymore. I'm sure Bob will have some suggestions as well.
Happy gardening!

Jeanette said...

Gday Redclover,, becareful not to overwater your Geranium they dont like wet feet..maybe needs repotting into fresh potting mix,,
Happy gardening have a great weekend

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Mine have done that too in the past. They always seems to green up by spring and be fine. Don't know if it is some sort of problem??

I love the smell of Geraniums.


Dreadnought said...

Hi Red Clover, When I look at that Geranium I get the impression its either too wet or too cold, maybe even both. What you have to remember is that a Geranium will thrive in a place like Malta which is in the middle of the Mediterranean so that will tell you that it would rather be too dry than too wet especially in a cold climate. Its surprising how much cold they will take provided they aren’t water logged but even so its not good to subject them to any frost and to be right 5C is plenty low enough. Bob.