The Pond

I called my Aunt Marjorie the other night to say "thank you" for allowing me to use her garden for my blog...you see, she didn't know about it because she was in New York City ;)   She was pleased and wished you could see it in full bloom.  I also learned a few things I though you would all enjoy.  

Do you remember the pond in her back yard?  Well, my Aunt and Uncle were hosting an open house in their backyard for a departing missionary, and decided a week before to build a water feature.  (You must understand that my mom's family is a little crazy.  Whenever my Dad goes out of town my mom goes to town redecorating the house.  He is currently in Japan.  Yeah, you get the picture.)  They spend the week moving giant rocks, digging more of them out of the ground, digging, digging, digging, arranging everything, setting up the mechanics of it, etc.  Did I mention that, although it was May, it snowed during the week?   She said they got it in on Friday night and tweaked it during the day on Saturday and walah!, they had a water feature!  

The net over the coy was to protect them from Blue Heron. 

 Jennifer asked how long it took them to put the garden together?  My aunt said it has been a work in progress over many years.  Each year she thinks of something different she would like to do.  

dreadnought remarked on the sun.  The week before had been freezing, with a few fluries of snow, and then this last week made warm weather the victor.  We had gorgeous high 70's.  The transition of season's always brings similar yo-yo effects here in the west.   It's very sunny today, but rather brisk outside.  These are my favorite days of the year, with the trees all aflame. 

My aunt also sent me these pictures.  I guess some elk decided to hang around their front yard for awhile.  !!!


allysha said...

voila! is the wahlah spelling you're looking for :) just so you know...it's French, of course!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Nice lawn ornaments.