A week or so ago I was at an elementary school to work on first grade spelling; I am a mentor for kids who are in custody of the state.  It's a great job, and I love my kids.  I happened to have my camera on me, and showed up a few minutes early, so I took a "garden tour" of the grounds.  This was my favorite tree.  I love trees.  I think trees are inspiring, and the word itself is awesome.  This tree I think was a crab apple.  He looked created for a grade school, I mean look at those branches.  Climbing is optimal.  Kids were born to climb trees.  It has a red ribbon around the trunk because it is "Red Ribbon Week."  I don't know if you all have that where you are from, but here it is an anti-drug week!  (GO RED RIBBON WEEK!!!)  As you can tell, I am for it.  


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Sounds like you really enjoy your job Red clover. Beautiful trees too.What kind of tree am I - good question. I love the Claret Ash tree - so maybe that's an option. I'll get back to you on that one!!!
You take care now

Zachary and Jennifer said...

I do like a Red Maple, and a Birch, and a Weeping Willow, and an Oak...

Do I have to pick one?


Dreadnought said...

I am a Yew tree and proud of it. I may not have all the gloss and glamour of other trees but I am strong and dependable with long spreading branches to protect you for a thousand years. Bob.