The other day I was driving down this road.  Yes, the one on which I seem to be acting silly.

As I was driving I saw a truly beautiful sight.  Amidst all the winter trees and left over autumn strewn on the ground were several bunches of Daffodils!

So, this afternoon when I got home from work I asked Kip if he wanted to go on a Red Clover field trip?  After a little persuasion he was game ( he was doing homework at the time, don't worry mom, he got it finished).   I went through a phase a couple of years ago when I really didn't like Daffodils. ?  But now I do, again.  We hiked up,  and took a number of pictures.  Small adventures are always pleasant when something beautiful is the purpose.  Here are some of the Daffodils.  

Someone must have been up watering today, because the ground was wet around their bases.  What a wonderful person!  What a great thought!  Every car I saw drive by slowed down and admired the scene. 

He's a good sport to enjoy his slightly eccentric wife.

But...I guess you can only take so much.

 Hope you had a good time, we had a nice afternoon. 

~ Red Clover


Weaver ~ I will have to look at Heaven Haven and Windhover to see if I know them. (Sometimes the name escapes, but I'm familiar with the text.)  Isn't Pied Beauty wonderful?  There are a couple of Hopkin's poems that I just adore.  He strikes me as having been a good man, which I think does make a difference.  Some people say that you have to separate the art and the artist, but I think it still seeps through somehow, and reflects.  What do you think? 

Rose - You know, I think that it can...?  Have you thought any more about it?  When are you coming to visit?  It's not fair that you keep hiding away in D.C. all this time.  Is it?  We really need to talk.  


My Life As A Single said...

I loved this! Where are these pretty daffodils? Enjoyed the pictures of my kids, too. Jo

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