Upside - Downside

Upside - for a few weeks my Columbine looked gorgeous!
Downside - it's starting to die, and I'm not sure why...

Upside - At least we had this view for a few months as we walked up towards our cars...

Downside - This is the view now.
Upside - New neighbors

Downside- There are always dishes to be done in this life.
Upside- This is where I get to do dishes! 

Downside - I live in an apartment, and never dreamed of having a potting shed in the near future.
Upside - I turned our old wooden "kitchen block" into my very own potting shed!  Smiles, it's great! 


Zachary and Jennifer said...

I love your dish washing "audience". :-)


ksr said...

Is the columbine actually dying? Or did the blooms just fall off? Because that will happen... My columbine in the greenhouse had a case of the mites...