Manhattan: Container Garden for Millions of People

When I first started this foray into gardening people often asked me about my garden, "Well, I actually grow everything in pots right now." A few gardeners bothered to correct me. I was a "Container Gardener". Who knew?  Though, I've never really liked the word "container" (compared to jar, bottle, or jug it's rather, shall we say, plastic?).

One thing I never noticed before was that NYC is one large container garden. There is room for nothing else. Yes there are parks (other post), but the city is flowered in pots, baskets, or a small bed around a tree bound in by concrete and brick. Here are a couple of the pictures I took.

Apparently 5th avenue caters to the daffodils. They run down, every ten feet or so, as if deciding what to buy. Or perhaps cheerfully smiling at all those people who think a Luis Vuitton bag is an important status symbol and saying, "It's spring, really. Don't buy a bag for $1,100 dollars! Get an ice cream instead, and sit in the park!"

Lexington Ave. was covered in Tupils! This was my favorite colour combination.

Aren't they nice?

Central Park was favored by blue Hydrandeas, white & yellow daffodils, snake grass, and those purple grape like flowers. (There were Hydrandeas all over the city!)

Above planters were on this bridge, the Bow bridge, and consequently my favorite. This is some of the detail.

The tiles of this Mediterranean restaurant looked nice with the flowers.

A fun idea for planters.

Were I to own a shop in Greenwich Village, I would hang a basket like this, too.

Not a fabulous picture, but I wanted you to notice the pussy willows popping out above it all. Quite charming in real life.

Someone on the Upper West End sets out a little garden. I told Kip that if that were me the whole sill would be covered by now.

Beautiful! And appropriate choice to be outside a very tall office building. The all white Tulips were perfect for that planter.

White Madonna Lilies were all over the city! These few were taken outside of Trinity Church.
Rockefeller Center (Below) also had hundreds.

This pink flower (tree) looked awfully like Astermaria, but I am not sure it grows in that climate, or in trees. Anyone know what it is?

Thank You, Kip, for stopping to look at more flower pots & containers then you were anticipating.

~ Red Clover


Rosie Rose said...

All GORGEOUS pictures, but my favorite picture was the last one. You guys a very good looking couple.

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Great pictures. How fun to see spring plants planted in all sorts of containers. Country-bumpkins like me don't think of that!


MA said...

Wonderful look at the container plantings of New York! Thanks.